Multiple Horizontal Menus in mojoPortal

mojoPortal comes with a lot of skins with different menu styles. One of these skins (andreasviklund-02) has two sets of horizontal menus allowing for a more compact menu system on 2nd tier pages. You can check out the above mentioned skin using the demo site for a working example. The mojoPortal site itself uses a similar menu system so you can use it as an example also.

I am currently working on my church's website ( and it uses this menu style.


To achieve this style of menu, you must add a few controls to your layout.master file.

Place this code under the HTML <form> tag with the other SiteMapDataSource controls.

<asp:SiteMapDataSource ID="level3datasource" runat="server" ShowStartingNode="true" />

Change the PageMenu control to the following and then move it to the desired location within the layout.master file. This control will show 2nd tier pages.

<portal:PageMenu id="PageMenu1" runat="server" TopLevelOnly="true"
	UseTreeView="false" HideMenuOnSiteMap="false" UseSpanInLinks="true"
	Direction="Horizontal" DynamicDisplayLevels="0" />

Finally, add a second PageMenu control. This control will show 3rd tier and lower pages.

<portal:PageMenu id="PageMenu2" runat="server"
	UseTreeView="true" TreeViewShowExpandCollapse="true"
	StartingNodeOffset="2"  SiteMapDataSource="level3datasource" />

For skinning of the menu, please refer to the stylemenu.css file in the i7MEDIA-2horizontalmenus skin.

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