SwiftBlue v1 Released

Announcing the release of SwiftBlue v1

SwiftBlue is the first in a series of template skins developed by i7MEDIA for mojoPortal. It was designed as a contribution to the mojoPortal community and the html5mojo project. SwiftBlue has been created with semantics-friendly HTML5 Markup.

Check out the live demo website to see what your mojoPortal website could look like today!

SwiftBlue is an HTML5 mojoPortal skin which was designed by i7MEDIA.


As with all i7MEDIA Skins, SwiftBlue has detailed style for every feature found in mojoPortal, most notably for the Event Calendar, Event Calendar Pro, Blog, Forums, Feed manager, and jPlayer Media Players.

Other features include:

  • Support for a number of content templates is included in SwiftBlue. Using these templates makes it easy to make your data appear on the page in a nice professional format. It doesn't cover everything, but it will help you with the basics so you can spend more time perfecting your content and less time worrying about basic layout.
  • SwiftBlue is HTML5 friendly. Not sure what this means? We explain more on the live demo site.
  • Custom styled dedicated Sign in and Register pages, this way potential users don't have to sort through the regular page content to find what they need to interact with the site.
  • A fancy User Bar based on Twitter Bootstrap. The bar includes a lot of features, links to mojoPortal, member profiles, and the ability for administrators to toggle the settings and edit links - this way you can see your site the way your users do. But mostly it's just beautiful.


The SwiftBlue help center is built to ensure that your time working with SwiftBlue is successful.
The skin help center covers topics like:

  • Installation of SwiftBlue
  • A basic introduction to CSS Classes and how they effect you in mojoPortal
  • An explanation of how to use the SwiftBlue Content Templates
  • A FAQ to answer common questions about SwiftBlue

And if that's not enough, we've set up an easy way for you to request help or report a bug. Check out the SwiftBlue Skin-Help center now.

SwiftBlue is just another way you can make your mojoPortal site shine with a little help from i7MEDIA.
Interested? Check out the SwiftBlue live demo site

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