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i7MEDIA has purchased mojoPortal and all of its commercial modules

Kearney, Mo (Feb 6,  2017) - It is an exciting day for the mojoPortal project! i7MEDIA, a longtime supporter of the mojoPortal project, has completed the purchase of the open source project and the commercial modules available on the mojoPortal website from Source Tree Solutions.

Joe Davis, i7MEDIA President, has been strong supporter of mojoPortal since 2008. Joe built his business around this versatile and user-friendly content management system. i7MEDIA, is dedicated to furthering the development of mojoPortal and its tools.

Rest assured mojoPortal will remain an open source project and there are no plans to change that. However, I7MEDIA has plans for expanding mojoPortal to help it stay relevant and provide the very best .NET CMS platform on the market today. 

Joe Audette, of Source Tree Solutions, is very enthusiastic about the new life of mojoPortal:

Joe Davis and i7MEDIA have always been the most qualified consultants for mojoPortal other than myself, and I've always had great confidence in referring customers and projects to them over the years.  Joe Davis has been a good friend and has been my go to guy when I needed to refer a customer or project that I did not have the capacity for. Whether you need design help, hosting, or custom feature development, i7MEDIA is the team you want with years of experience. mojoPortal was my baby for over a decade, and I am very glad to know my baby is in good hands! Long live mojoPortal! Joe Audette, mojoPortal Founder

mojoPortal has always been easy for users to add and manage their content. Over the past few years, though, it has fallen behind other systems which have taken more modern approaches to management and more fully utilized the capabilities of modern browsers. i7MEDIA has developed add-on features for mojoPortal which make content management easier and they are working on packaging these features for the masses to use.

Development of add-ons for mojoPortal isn't necessarily hard but there is a bit of a learning curve and quite a few steps one must take to prepare a working development environment. The focus will be on cutting down on the number of steps and making the process easier overall. They will also explore possible MVC and WebApi implementations of some features, especially administration features like the File Manager. 

It has always been possible to create beautiful sites with mojoPortal but the built-in skins were not good examples. i7MEDIA is working on providing newer skins to help showcase the power or mojoPotral.  i7MEDIA is committed to making sure that mojoPortal is seen as a designer-friendly CMS. 

A new version of mojoPortal is scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks with several small fixes, a few clean bootstrap-based skins and a brand-new file manager to replace both of the current file managers and the link and image picker used in the WYSIWYG editors. That's right, one file manager that does it all. 

For the latest news, check out mojoPortal’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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