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mojoPortal CMS

mojoPortal has been our favorite content management system for years, and we recently purchased it. We've been working hard on lots of updates for the CMS, but we took a little break from that to give the website a quick remodel because it hadn't been updated in quite a while.

P.R.A.Y. Publishing

P.R.A.Y. Publishing administers the bulk of Christian religious studies and awards for the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the USA and American Heritage Girls. They had a website but it was built in the early to late nineties and it no longer served their needs properly. We designed a new fully responsive site for them and did all the development necessary to bring them up to date.

Texas Military Department

We had the great opportunity of working with the Texas Military Department, building them a new skin for their website which has run on mojoPortal for a long time now. We did some custom development to provide them with extra functionality where needed. We also provided their team with some content templates to update their older content and for use when creating new content.

1627 Main

We built this beautifully simple one-page website to advertise an available space in Kansas City.

New Dawn Fiber


I Am An Eagle

We created this site for Sam Houston Area Eagle Scouts to help them reconnect with other eagle scout alumni. We crafted a logo out of existing BSA assets and built the design around it, aiming to make the site memorable to any eagle scout.

Scout Strong Challenge

We put together this fully responsive child site for HOAC BSA's Scout Strong Challenge event, and a similar sister site for their Scouting 500 event.

Scouting 500

We put together this fully responsive child site for HOAC BSA's Scouting 500 event, and a similar sister site for their Scout Strong Challenge event.

STEM Camping

This small project was completed for the Heart Of America Boy Scout Council. We built a simple informational brochure style site for their STEM Camping program, promoting learning among youth.

Heart of America Council

The Heart of America Council serves scouts, parents and adult leaders in eastern Kansas and western Missouri with the Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Venturing, Exploring and Learning for Life programs. They required a website which allowed their visitors to easily find their specific program and activity information with ease.

Mile High Tech Conference

We built this four-stage mobile design for the Mile High Tech Conference. It included layouts for an introduction, a day-by-day event breakdown, and details about the speakers at the event. The design was created very early, before the event details were all set in stone, which is why it uses lorem-ipsum and other filler content.


ADMO is a cool company that will help you with whatever your hosting needs are.

Miller's Custom Cabinets

Antioch Logo

Antioch Community Church has served the Kansas City Area for over 165 years. They are a cornerstone of their neighborhood and a good logo which relays their message of Life and Hope was needed. i7MEDIA designed this logo using the Caudex font by Hjort Nidudsson for its clean serifs and traditional look.

Antioch Community Church

Antioch Community Church started in 1853. In its 163 year history it has sought to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and his everlasting grace. To support the church's mission, they required a website which appealed to visitors of many demographics and provided valuable information about the ministries of the church.

Antioch also needed a new logo expressing its slogan, "Intersection of Life and Hope."

AirWave Communications

AirWave Communications provide wireless internet to rural Clay County, Missouri. Their new site is responsive to mobile and tablet devices, allows customers to sign-up for services online and request support.

ABA Insurance Services

Banking You Can Trust

Credit unions are nonprofit financial institutions that offer many of the same products as banks, often with better rates and lower fees. Credit unions are owned by their members, or account holders, and are run by a volunteer board of directors, not shareholders looking to make a profit.

QT Assistant

QTAssistant provides next-generation tools indispensable for anyone wanting an edge in the design and development of enterprise application integration solutions. We target large scale XML Schema development, analysis and refactoring and various platforms and technologies.

Signature Solid Surface

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