Customizing mojoPortal's Welcome Message for Logged In Users

Have you ever wanted to change the mojoPortal WelcomeMessage text to display something besides "Signed In As: Joe Davis"?

​Well, if you have mojoPortal or higher, it is quite easy. You can override it in your skin's layout.master file by setting a property on <portal:WelcomeMessage like this:

OverrideFormat="My name is {0}", or if you only want the user name then you could put OverrideFormat="{0}"

The {0} is replaced by the user's display name.

I prefer OverrideFormat="Welcome Back, {0}" which displays "Welcome Back, Joe Davis" very nicely.

Hope this helps you out. If it did, please spread the word through Twitter or Facebook!

Happy mojo-ing,
Joe Davis

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Feb 16, 2013

Hi Rajeswari,

That's good feedback. You should post that in the the Feature Requests forum on the mojoPortal site.

Happy mojo-ing!

Rajeswari Anandhan
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Feb 16, 2013


I just noticed that mojoPortal does not send emails to newly created users when the user is created via Admin/ManageUsers.aspx. I think it would be helpful if the newly created user will receive an email containing their username and password when their account is created for them.