SlideShow Crazy!

The latest release of mojoPortal (v added functionality to use a SilverLight SlideShow with the mojoPortal image gallery and a new feature for a slide show based on your Flickr account. Both of these features are very cool and I was excited to see them added to the mojoPortal core but when Joe Audette told me of another SlideShow feature he is adding to mojoPortal, I was jumping up and down and now I can't wait for the next release!

Joe is adding the ability to the HTML Feature of mojoPortal to display any element in a Slide Show. All the user has to do is type out their text, separating each "slide" with DIV or P elements and mojoPortal handles the rest! You can mix text with images within your SlideShow!

Here is a short video on it so you can see what I mean:

Try doing something like this with the built-in functionality of DNN!!! I can tell you now that you can't!!! This is a prime example of why mojoPortal is so far ahead of everyone else in the OpenSource .NET CMS game. One of the most important purposes of a CMS is supposed to be to allow users without a lot of web knowledge the ability to quickly and efficiently update/manage a website. This simple but very elegant feature will help those users keep their website up to date with a Web 2.0 feel.

I can't wait for the next release of mojo!!!!

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