mojoPortal Online User Group: A Great Value Add

The mojoPortal Online User Group, started by David Dean of Yamisee, has been going strong for a few months now. A couple different people have led the monthly meetings, each bringing valuable information to those who attend. I believe this group is a great Value Add for the community as the meetings are open to the public and the type of information discussed ranges between installation, skinning and programming. Joe Audette, mojoPortal Founder and Chief Developer, attends the meetings regularly and is even leading the August meeting.

Over the past couple of months, the topics and leaders of the meetings have been:

  • April 2010: SEO Tools and Tips, David Dean of Yamisee
  • May 2010: Creating Custom Page Titles, Joe Davis of i7MEDIA
  • June 2010: Log4Net, Steve Land of StrongEye Solutions
  • August 2010: ZedGraph, Joe Audette

If you are interested in mojoPortal, I highly suggest you subscribe to the Forum thread on the user community here.

Personally, I want to thank David Dean for his hard work and dedication to the mojoPortal community.

View User Profile for Joe Davis Joe is the founder and President of i7MEDIA. His passion is finding creative solutions to complex problems. He is married to Devyn and has three kids; Elijah, Ruth and Hannah. He is a Christian and life-long Boy Scout. When he is not working, he is sleeping. He doesn't sleep much.


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