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Update 1/10/2012: Updated the download with a US State list question. All 50 states plus the District of Columbia are included.

Form Wizard Pro (FWP) is a great tool for creating ad-hoc style forms on the fly in mojoPortal. One feature that makes FWP so great is the ability to import and export Form Definitions and individual Questions.

Exporting a Question

Exporting a Question is very simple, just click the "Export Question" link next to the question in the "Edit Form" screen. The file will be named like "FWP-Instance-NameYYYYMMDDHHMMSS-q.config." This includes the name of the FWP instance, the exact date and time you clicked the export link, and a "-q" to let you know this file is a Question, not an entire form. You can of course change the name of the file without causing any problems for importing the question later.

Exporting a Form

Exporting an entire Form is also very simple, just click the "Export Form Definition" button at the bottom of the "Edit Form" screen. The file will be named like "FWP-Instance-NameYYYMMDDHHMMSS.config." This includes the name of the FWP instance and the exact date and time you clicked the export button. Again, changing the name doesn't harm anything.


Importing a Question or Form

Importing a Question is very straightforward. Simply click the "Browse" button and select a Question definition file from your computer and then click the "Import Question" button. You'll see the question added to the "Edit Form" screen.

You can import a Form Definition the same way you import a Question, except that you will want to select a Form definition file and click the "Import Form Definition" button. One very important thing to keep in mind is that importing a Form will erase all of the questions you already have on your form. Any data that has been submitted to the form will still be intact but the questions corresponding to the data will be gone so the data will be "orphaned" so you may not know what all of the responses mean.

Some Form Definitions For You


Happy mojo-ing!

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