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Skinning the mojoPortal Admin Toolbar

When Joe Audette released mojoPortal he wrote an article called "Creating An Admin Toolbar" in the mojoPortal Skinning Documentation. The toolbar uses jQuery to easily show and hide itself and is skinned entirely by using CSS. If you follow Joe's directions or you are using a skin that came with with the toolbar enabled, you will have a toolbar that looks like this: While this serves a perfectly good function, there are a few things about it I don't like. It is gray and there are no icons depicting the links. I happen to like icons and bright colors so, I came up read more

Adding You Are Here Message to mojoPortal Breadcrumbs

mojoPortal provides a nifty little BreadCrumb control which will show the path to the current page. We have used the control in several of our sites and from time to time, our customer ask us to put the "You Are Here" or some other text in front of the breadcrumbs. So that's simple, right? Well, yes and no. The BreadCrumb control doesn't have the ability to add a message to the crumbs so we have to add the text in the layout.master of our skin. Okay, that's simple too but the difficulty comes with making the message invisible when the page settings have breadcrumbs turned off or there read more

SlideShow Crazy!

The latest release of mojoPortal (v added functionality to use a SilverLight SlideShow with the mojoPortal image gallery and a new feature for a slide show based on your Flickr account. Both of these features are very cool and I was excited to see them added to the mojoPortal core but when Joe Audette told me of another SlideShow feature he is adding to mojoPortal, I was jumping up and down and now I can't wait for the next release! Joe is adding the ability to the HTML Feature of mojoPortal to display any element in a Slide Show. All the user has to do is type out their text, read more