Remove extra mojoPortal DB scripts

The mojoPortal deployment package includes the setup and upgrade scripts for the 5 different database platforms it supports. Of course a single installation of mojoPortal will only use 1 of those database platforms. These extra files aren't really all that big and hard disk space is cheap but many people would like to remove the extra files to keep things as slim as possible. i7MEDIA hosts many mojoPortal sites so we put together a nice little batch script to remove all the extra files from our installations. This script can be ran against an actual installation of mojoPortal or it can be read more

Multiple Horizontal Menus in mojoPortal

mojoPortal comes with a lot of skins with different menu styles. One of these skins (andreasviklund-02) has two sets of horizontal menus allowing for a more compact menu system on 2nd tier pages. You can check out the above mentioned skin using the demo site for a working example. The mojoPortal site itself uses a similar menu system so you can use it as an example also. I am currently working on my church's website ( and it uses this menu style. To achieve this style of menu, you must add a few controls to your layout.master file. Place this code under the read more