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SlideShow Crazy!

The latest release of mojoPortal (v added functionality to use a SilverLight SlideShow with the mojoPortal image gallery and a new feature for a slide show based on your Flickr account. Both of these features are very cool and I was excited to see them added to the mojoPortal core but when Joe Audette told me of another SlideShow feature he is adding to mojoPortal, I was jumping up and down and now I can't wait for the next release! Joe is adding the ability to the HTML Feature of mojoPortal to display any element in a Slide Show. All the user has to do is type out their text, read more

What We Like Best About mojoPortal

In a recent article, "Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in September 2009", on CMSWire I noticed that they did not mention mojoPortal ( mojoPortal is my CMS of choice because of its usability, simple management and skinning. I have used many other CMS projects over the years and I have found mojoPortal the best for doing what a CMS is supposed to do which is save time and effort in the management of a website. Some key feature of mojoPortal that I like are: Multi-site installation allows you to host multiple sites with one installation of read more

Remove extra mojoPortal DB scripts

The mojoPortal deployment package includes the setup and upgrade scripts for the 5 different database platforms it supports. Of course a single installation of mojoPortal will only use 1 of those database platforms. These extra files aren't really all that big and hard disk space is cheap but many people would like to remove the extra files to keep things as slim as possible. i7MEDIA hosts many mojoPortal sites so we put together a nice little batch script to remove all the extra files from our installations. This script can be ran against an actual installation of mojoPortal or it can be read more