Website Panel

We have updated to the latest version of WebsitePanel to provide the best experience possible to our customers. WebsitePanel is the Open Source successor to DotNetPanel which is no longer in distribution.

This upgrade means we can offer our services at lower rates because we no longer have the overhead of Control Panel Licensing. In the near future, we will be offering services for Virtual Server Hosting, SharePoint and SmarterMail. All of these will be managed through the WebsitePanel software, allowing customers easy and familiar access to all of their services.

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View User Profile for Joe Davis Joe is the Founder and Managing Director of i7MEDIA. His passion is finding creative solutions to complex problems. He is married to Devyn and has three kids; Elijah, Ruth and Hannah. He is a Christian and life-long Boy Scout. When he is not at work, he's working his small homestead farm, or volunteering with the Boy Scouts or his church.


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