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Ultimate mojoPortal Upgrade Guide

It's simple when you know how!

Due to its structure, upgrading mojoPortal is quite simple. The short story is you backup your site and database, download the new version, copy the files to your server, open the setup page and you're done. There are a few areas where one might start over thinking the process and make it harder than it really is so we decided we would write this guide to help quell the desire to make it difficult.

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Hide Module Settings and Edit Links

One of the things that most of our users like the most about mojoPortal is the easy access they have to module settings and edit screens. Sometimes, people ask if they can hide these links (or icons if the skin uses those) while remaining logged into the site.

Well, here's an extremely easy way to hide the links without sacrificing the usability of mojoPortal. This solution is completely skin based so it doesn't require any additions to the mojoPortal core.

First, we add the following to our skin script (see "Optimize Your mojoPortal Skin Scripts" for more info):

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Optimize your mojoPortal Skin Scripts

Almost every single skin we develop uses a couple javascripts but even the addition of one script can slow the speed of a website. We use a fairly simple process to combine as many of our scripts into one file and then using a neat mojoPortal control, we add that script the combined site script. The combined site script contains most of the scripts mojoPortal uses for things like site cookies, css friendly adapters, etc… This process will result in fewer files being delivered to the browser, thus improving performance (somewhat).

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